gg                       gg
            ""                       ""
,gg,   ,gg  gg   gg,gggg,            gg     ,ggggg,
 ""8b,dP"   88   I8P"  "Yb           88    dP"  "Y8ggg
   ,88"     88   I8'    ,8i          88   i8'    ,8I
 ,dP"Y8,  _,88,_,I8 _  ,d8'   d8b  _,88,_,d8,   ,d8'
dP"   "Y888P""Y8PI8 YY88888P  Y8P  8P""Y8P"Y8888P"
                 I8    wildcard DNS for everyone
What is is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS
for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is

   resolves to   resolves to   resolves to   resolves to

...and so on. You can use these domains to access virtual
hosts on your development web server from devices on your
local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers.
No configuration required!
How does it work? runs a custom DNS server on the public Internet.
When your computer looks up a domain, the
DNS server extracts the IP address from the domain and
sends it back in the response.
Does cost anything?
Nope! is a free service from Basecamp, the
creators of Pow. We were tired of jumping through hoops
to test our apps on other devices and decided to solve
the problem once and for all.